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Massage Central

About Us

At Massage central we pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality massage therapy adapted to fit a wide range of needs. From general stress to sports or repetitive stress injuries; we can assist with just about anything.

“We provide work that is true to its name, massage with therapy and results in mind. The majority of our clients are seeing us to address a specific physical limitation, injury, or condition.”

One that gradually improves through strengthening, stretching and massage therapy. We are dedicated to providing noticeable and measurable results to every person who walks through our doors.

“Assisting each of our clients in breaking through barriers and reaching all their physical goals. And to set and achieve a higher standard for themselves and their bodies.”

Massage Central provides therapeutic massage treatments by professional Registered Massage
Therapists (RMT). All our Therapists are in good standing with their associations.Direct Billing is
available to all insurance companies, and for those insurance companies that do not accept
electronic billing, we provide RMT receipts for reimbursement.

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